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Fetch Supported Features For Cloud Type

Lists the features supported for the specified cloud type and account type.

The response contains supportedFeatures key whose value contains supported feature names.

NOTE: The supportedFeatures returns "Cloud Visibility Compliance and Governance" string by default. Do not explicitly pass this string as a feature in the request body param in any cloud account API(Like in Add AWS Cloud Account, Update AWS Cloud Account,Generate and Download the AWS CFT Template, etc).

Path Parameters
  • cloud_type string required

    Possible values: [aws, azure, gcp]

Request Body required
  • accountType string required

    Possible values: [account, organization, masterServiceAccount, tenant]

    Cloud Account Type. Supported values based on cloud_type are given below.

    • account, organization - cloud_type: aws

    • account, organization, masterServiceAccount - cloud_type: gcp

    • account, tenant - cloud_type: azure

  • deploymentType string

    Possible values: [azure, azure_gov, azure_china]

    Applicable only for cloud_type: azure.

    • azure - Applicable for Prisma Commercial and Government stacks

    • azure_gov - Applicable for Prisma Commercial and Government stacks.

    • azure_china - Applicable for Prisma China Stack.

  • awsPartition string

    Possible values: [us-east-1, us-gov-west-1]

    Applicable only for cloud_type: aws on Prisma Government Stack( given if the Cloud account Global Deployment option is enabled

    • us-east-1 - AWS Commercial/Global account

    • us-gov-west-1 - AWS GovCloud account.

  • rootSyncEnabled boolean

    Applicable only for accountType: tenant

    In order to onboard the "tenant" and its associated management groups and subscriptions, rootSyncEnabled must be set to true


Features supported for the cloud type

  • cloudType string

    Cloud Type

  • deploymentType string

    Cloud Account Deployment Type. global, gov, or china

  • accountType string

    Account Type

  • licenseType string

    Customer License type.

  • supportedFeatures string[]

    List of supported feature names.