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Create On Demand Notification



Create on demand notification for an alert. Supported channels are:

  1. Jira
  2. Email
  3. Slack

    This endpoint is available on the Prisma Cloud Darwin release only.

    For details about the request body parameters required for each notification channel, see the following table:
Request ParametersJiraEmailSlack
onDemandNotificationConfig.templateIdRequiredNot requiredNot required
translation.bodyNot requiredOptionalOptional
translation.details.senderNot requiredRequiredRequired
translation.details.recipientsNot requiredRequiredRequired
translation.details.callbackUrlNot requiredOptionalOptional
translation.details.assetCallbackUrlNot requiredOptionalOptional



    alertId stringrequired

    Id of the alert for which Notification needs to be sent

    onDemandNotificationConfig objectrequired
    id string

    Id of the alert for which Notification needs to be sent

    clientId string

    Id to identify the category of request. For Jira, Email, Slack, it can be CS

    generatorType string

    For ad-hoc notification, its value should be REALTIME

    integrationType stringrequired

    Can be either Jira, Email or Slack

    templateId stringrequired

    Jira template Id

    recipients string[]required

    List of Integration id for jira or email for email or channel for slack etc.

    translation object
    body stringrequired

    Message Body. Applicable for email and slack.

    details object

    Its a map of key-value pair. It contains details like Subject, Alert Url, Asset Url etc.

    property name* string
    attachments string[]

    This field contains the list of paths to the S3 file from where the attachment needs to be fetched.



    success integer
    failed integer
    successfulEvents object
    recipient object
    customerId integer
    clientId string
    metaData object
    notificationId string
    failedEvents object