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Get Assets List



Get the list of assets based on cloud-type, asset-type, manage-type, and service-type.



    snapshotDate int64
    cloudTypes string[]

    Possible values: [AWS, GCP, AZURE, ALIBABA_CLOUD]

    Cloud types

    assetTypes string[]

    Possible values: [Domain, ResponsiveIP]

    Asset types

    manageType Manage type (string)

    Possible values: [MANAGED, UNMANAGED]

    Default value: UNMANAGED

    serviceTypes string[]

    Service types

    nextPageToken Next page token (string)
    searchText Search text (string)
    snoozeStatus string[]

    Possible values: [SNOOZED, ACTIVE]

    accountMappingStatus string[]

    Possible values: [MAPPED, UNMAPPED]

    Mapped indicates that the asset is connected to a parent account or organizational unit (OU) on Prisma Cloud, whereas unmapped signifies that the asset is not associated with any parent account or OU on Prisma Cloud.



    value object[]
  • Array [
  • asmAssetId uuid
    name string
    type string
    cloudType string[]

    Possible values: [AWS, AZURE, GCP, ALIBABA_CLOUD]

    dateAdded int64
    lastObserved int64
    snoozeStatus string

    Possible values: [SNOOZED, ACTIVE]

    Indicates if the notifications from these assets are snoozed.

    snoozeStartTs int64
    snoozeEndTs int64
    reason string
    temporarySnooze boolean
  • ]
  • nextPageToken string
    moreData boolean