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Add User Role

Creates a new user role.

See Prisma Cloud Administrator Permissions for the permissions associated with each role.

Note that the request body parameter accountGroupIds is required but can be an empty array.

Request Body required

User Role

  • accountGroupIds string[]

    Accessible Account Group IDs

  • additionalAttributes object

    Additional attributes of the the user role

  • hasDefenderPermissions boolean

    User has compute defender permissions

  • onlyAllowCIAccess boolean

    User can only use access keys to use Prisma Cloud. UI access will be unavailable.

  • onlyAllowComputeAccess boolean

    User can only access the Prisma Cloud Compute Console

  • codeRepositoryIds string[]

    Accessible Code Repository IDs

  • description string


  • name string required


  • resourceListIds string[]

    Accessible Resource List IDs

  • restrictDismissalAccess boolean
  • roleType string required

    User Role Type (Default or Custom Permission Group Name).


successful operation