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Add Cloud Account (OCI and Alibaba)



Onboard a new cloud account onto the Prisma Cloud platform.

The request body parameters differ depending on the cloud type of the account you want to add.

Request Body to Add an Alibaba Account

The table below lists the request body parameters to add an Alibaba account.

ParameterTypeDescriptionDefault Value or Required
accountIdstringAWS account IDRequired
groupIdsarray of stringsList of account group IDs for this accountRequired
namestringName to be used for the account on the Prisma Cloud platform (must be unique)Required
roleArnstringUnique identifier for an Alibaba RAM role resourceRequired
enabledbooleanWhether or not the account is enabledDefault is false
deploymentTypestringDeployment type.
Valid values: ali-int, ali-cn, ali-fn
ali-int: Alibaba International
ali-cn: Alibaba China. Allows you to monitor all the resources in the Alibaba China region, but does not monitor resources in the Alibaba Finance region.
ali-fn: Alibaba Finance. Applicable only for the Alibaba China region. Allows you to monitor resources located only in the Alibaba Finance regions.

Request Body Example

"accountId": "",
"groupIds": [],
"name": "",
"enabled": true,
"ramArn": ""

Requirements and Request Body to Add an OCI Account

To add an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) account, you must:

  1. Use Generate Zipped Terraform Script (OCI) in the console | Required

Request Body Example



Path Parameters

    cloud_type stringrequired

    Possible values: [aws, azure, gcp, alibaba_cloud, oci]

    Cloud Type

Query Parameters

    skipStatusChecks boolean

    true = Skip account status checks to improve response time



Cloud Account

    property name* object


successful operation