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Get a package.

Gets Package by its uuid. The API accepts a package UUID.

Path Parameters
    packageUuid string required
Query Parameters
    include string

    options to get more data on the package by comma-separated list as string, for now the only option is errorCount, file, repository


get package by uuid

    errorCount double
    fileMetadataId string
    fileMetadataPath string
    fixableErrorCount double
    images string[]
    isRoot boolean
    licensesMetadata object[]
  • Array [
  • isOsi boolean required
    isSpdx boolean required
    license string required
  • ]
  • packageId string required
    packageLanguage string
    packageLicenses string[] required
    packageName string required
    packageVersion string required
    repository object
    name string
    owner string
    sourcePackageIds object[] nullable
  • Array [
  • sourcePackageId string required
  • ]