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Get the file metadata by UUID

Get the file metadata by UUID based on the customer's repository

Path Parameters
  • uuid string required
Query Parameters
  • include string

Get errors in file

  • data object required
  • commitId string required
  • creationDate string required
  • errorsCount double
  • id string required
  • name string required
  • path string required
  • prId string required
  • repositoryId string required
  • type FileTypeEnum required

    Possible values: [tf, json, yml, yaml, template, .checkov.baseline, hcl, Dockerfile, package.json, package-lock.json, bower.json, pom.xml, build.gradle, build.gradle.kts,,, go.sum, go.mod, requirements.txt, METADATA, bicep, Pipfile.lock, Pipfile, yarn.lock, Gemfile, Gemfile.lock, gemspec, env,,,,, app.js, config.js, dev.js,,, private.pem, privatekey.pem, index.php, config.php, config.xml, strings.xml, app.module.ts, environment.ts, tpl, tfvars, unknown]

  • updatedDate string required