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Top Non-compliant Package Licenses



Gets the list of non-compliant package licenses that occurred most frequently in the scanned repositories. The returned list also includes the count of repositories in which each non-compliant package license was detected. You can set the repositories and severities parameters in the request body to filter the results.



    repositories Repository (string)[]

    The repositories filter enables you to retrieve issues related to one or more repositories. You must provide the UUIDs of the repositories that you want to include in the filter. To retrieve the UUID of a repository use the List repository list endpoint. (the id field of the response has the UUID of the repository).

    size double

    The maximum number of results included in the response.


Non compliant package licenses

    data object[]required
  • Array [
  • count doublerequired

    Number of issues for each type of license.

    license stringrequired

    The package license.

    repos doublerequired

    Number of repositories in which the package with the license issue was detected.

  • ]
  • lastScanDate stringrequired

    The time when the last scan was triggered.