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Get List of Resources Affected by Tag Rule

Prisma Cloud Code Security supports tagging management for IaC templates, based on the company’s open-source tool Yor ( With tag rules, you can manage your tagging strategies easily across providers and repositories, even before they go live. Such capability allows users to enable out-of-the-box (OOTB) Prisma Cloud Code Security tag rules, such as the traceability tag (“yor_trace”) used for code-to-cloud resource tracing and drift detection. Furthermore, Prisma Cloud Code Security enables custom tag rule creation and management (edit, clone, enable, disable and delete).

This API is used to get a count of the affected resources before creating a tag rule. Based on the returned number, you may want to make your rule less or more specific. The input is:

  • The repositories that need to be tested
  • Tag rule definition The response returns the total number of affected resources based on given inputs.
Request Body required
  • repository object
  • defaultBranch string required
  • id string required
  • owner string required
  • repo string required
  • type string required
  • value string
  • ruleDefinition object
  • tag_groups object[] required
  • Array [
  • name string required
  • tags object[] required
  • Array [
  • name string required
  • value object required
  • default string
  • matches object[]
  • Array [
  • ]
  • ]
  • ]

Got affected resources

  • affectedResourcesNum double required