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PAN-OS APIs and SDKs allow you to manage next-generation firewalls, directly or via Panorama, using third-party services, applications, or scripts.


The PAN-OS XML API is powerful and low-level, allowing you to take full control of every aspect of your security, and build deep integrations with a variety of other systems. You can make XML API calls directly to the firewall, directly to Panorama, or to a firewall via Panorama.


The PAN-OS REST API simplifies access to resources as high-level URIs. You can use this API to create, change, and delete resources.

pan-os-python (Python)

The pan-os-python SDK framework helps interact with PAN-OS devices when your chosen language is Python. It is object-oriented and mimics the traditional interaction with the device via the GUI, CLI or XML API. It is also part of the underpinnings of the PAN-OS Ansible collection.

panos-upgrade-assurance (Python)

The panos-upgrade-assurance package is meant to provide a set of classes and methods that can be used to do run PAN-OS upgrade readiness checks. It's prepared in a form that make it easy to wrap it in an Ansible module or XSOAR integration. It's directly depended on pan-os-python package.

pan-os-go (Go)

The pan-os-go SDK helps interact with PAN-OS devices> It also serves as the underlying client library for the PAN-OS Terraform provider.

pan-os-php (PHP)

The pan-os-php library is aimed at making PAN-OS configuration changes easy and maintainable. It also allows for complex scenarios like rule merging, unused object tracking, conversion of checkpoint exclusion groups, large scale rule editing, and App-ID conversion.