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Resolve Vulnerabilty Instances

Mark one or more instances of a vulnerability as resolved.
Rate limiting: 60 times per minute

Query Parameters
  • customerid string required

    The customer ID to which the API call is directed

Request Body required
  • ticketIdList string required

    A list of one or more ticket IDs for vulnerability instances being resolved. If you include the ticket IDs for multiple vulnerability instances, separate them by commas; for example: “ticketIdList”: [“vuln-1a4a72c2”, “vuln-1a4a72c3”, “vuln-1a4a72c4”] To retrieve a list of vulnerabilities and vulnerability instances, including their ticket IDs, use Get Vulnerabilities and refer to the zb_ticketid values.

  • action string required

    The action employed to resolve the vulnerability instance. The following value must be either mitigate or ignore.

  • reason string required

    The reason for resolving the vulnerability instance. The following value cannot contain any special characters.

  • full_name string required

    The name of the vulnerability; for example, CVE-2018-18568


Successful Response