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Bulk Device Updates - SCCM Devices

Bulk device updates for sccm devices

Query Parameters
    customerid string required

    The customer ID specifies the API call

    tenantid string required

    The tenant ID specifies the API call

    updateSource string required

    Source of integration

Request Body required
    devicelist object[] required


  • Array [
  • deviceid string

    Required field

    serialNumber string
    vendor string
    model string
    diskEncryptionStatus string
    windowsInstalledPatches string
    windowsInstalledSoftware string
    windowsGUID string
    sccmSite string
    sccmDomain string
  • ]

Successful Response

    api string

    The path used to call the IoT Security API: “device/bulkupdate”

    ver string

    The version of the IoT Security API: “v4.0”

    code string

    The code number indicating success: 1

    message string

    The message indicating success: “OK”

    updatedDeviceNum integer

    The number of devices that IoT Security successfully updated