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Bulk Subnet Updates - IPAM Infoblox

Bulk subnet updates from customer IPAM (infoblox)

Query Parameters
  • customerid string required

    The customer ID specifies the API call

  • updateSource string required

    Source of integration

Request Body required
  • dataOverwrite boolean required

    A flag to control overwriting of subnet metadata like vlan, description etc

  • siteOverwrite boolean required

    A flag to control overwriting of site

  • subnetList object[] required

    Array of subnet attributes coming from IPAM

  • Array [
  • prefix string required

    IPv4 prefix

  • site string

    A site name where prefix belongs to (customer defined)

  • vlan string

    A vlan value between 0-4094 or keep it empty if not available

  • description string

    Description of the prefix

  • name string

    Name of the prefix

  • type string

    Prefix type block or subnet

  • gateway string

    Gateway IP of the prefix

  • integration_instance_name string

    internally used by XSOAR server to track XSOAR agent name running on customer premises

  • ]

Successful Response

  • api string

    The path used to call the IoT Security API: “network/subnetBulkUpdate”

  • ver string

    The version of the IoT Security API: “v4.0”

  • code string

    The code number indicating success: 1

  • message string

    The message indicating success: “OK”

  • numOfUpdatedSubnets integer

    The number of successfully inserted/updated subnets