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Bulk Subnet Updates - IPAM Infoblox



Bulk subnet updates from customer IPAM (infoblox)


Query Parameters

    customerid stringrequired

    The customer ID specifies the API call

    updateSource stringrequired

    Source of integration


    dataOverwrite booleanrequired

    A flag to control overwriting of subnet metadata like vlan, description etc

    siteOverwrite booleanrequired

    A flag to control overwriting of site

    subnetList object[]required

    Array of subnet attributes coming from IPAM

  • Array [
  • prefix stringrequired

    IPv4 prefix

    site string

    A site name where prefix belongs to (customer defined)

    vlan string

    A vlan value between 0-4094 or keep it empty if not available

    description string

    Description of the prefix

    name string

    Name of the prefix

    type string

    Prefix type block or subnet

    gateway string

    Gateway IP of the prefix

    integration_instance_name string

    internally used by XSOAR server to track XSOAR agent name running on customer premises

  • ]


Successful Response

    api string

    The path used to call the IoT Security API: “network/subnetBulkUpdate”

    ver string

    The version of the IoT Security API: “v4.0”

    code string

    The code number indicating success: 1

    message string

    The message indicating success: “OK”

    numOfUpdatedSubnets integer

    The number of successfully inserted/updated subnets