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Get the Device Inventory



Get a list of all the devices in your IoT Security inventory.
Rate limiting: 60 times per minute


Query Parameters

    customerid stringrequired

    The customer ID to which the API call is directed

    stime date-time

    An optional string that sets the start of a time range for devices to retrieve. This is the time when a device was last active. (It’s unnecessary to set etime=now or etime=

    offset integer

    An optional integer that sets the number of items to skip

    pagelength integer

    An optional integer that sets the number of items in one response; that is, in one page. The maximum page length you can set is 1000. The default page length for alerts, devices, and vulnerability instances is 1000. Because of these high default values, we recommend setting the page length to a smaller number, especially for alerts and vulnerabilities.

    detail string

    Possible values: [true, false]

    The return of more device attributes (true) or fewer attributes (false)

    sortdirection string

    Possible values: [asc, desc]

    The alphanumeric order in which devices are displayed by MAC address. asc indicates an ascending order from smallest tolargest. desc, which is the default, indicates a descending order from largest to smallest.

    sortfield string

    The device attribute to use for sorting. Currently only MAC is supported.

    trafficRestricted string

    Possible values: [yes, no]

    Field to filter devices with traffic restricted

    Example: yes


Successful Response (We only show some important fields here.)

    total integer

    The number of devices matching the request

    devices object[]

    An array containing device details

  • Array [
  • deviceid string

    The device ID, which IoT Security uses to identify and track a device

    hostname string

    The device hostname

    category string

    The category to which the device belongs

    profile string

    The device profile assigned to the device

    profile_type string

    The type of device profile, such as IoT or Non_IoT

    profile_vertical string

    The industry vertical for the profile such as Medical, IT Devices, and Office

    ip_address string

    The IP address of a device

    mac_address string

    The MAC address of a device

    risk_score integer

    The risk score of a device

    risk_level string

    The risk level of a device. There are four: low, medium, high, and critical

    last_activity date-time

    A UTC timestamp for the last detected device activity

    confidence_score string

    The confidence score for device classification

    tagIdList array

    A list of IDs for user- and system-defined tags assigned to a device

    allTags object[]

    An array of user-defined tags assigned to a device. Each item in the array consists of three attributes: tagType, tagValue, and tagId.

  • Array [
  • tagType string

    The key for a user-defined tag

    tagValue string

    The value of the tag key for a user-defined tag

    tagId string

    The ID of a user-defined tag

  • ]
  • trafficRestricted boolean

    Whether traffic restriction is being applied to a device (yes) or not (no)

  • ]