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Get Device Details per IP Address



Get a list of device details for the device with the specified IP address.
Rate limiting: 60 times per minute


Query Parameters

    customerid stringrequired

    The customer ID to which the API call is directed

    ip stringrequired

    The IP address of a device for which you want to get details.


Successful Response (We only show some important fields here.)

    deviceid string

    The device ID, which IoT Security uses to identify and track a device

    hostname string

    The device hostname

    category string

    The category to which the device belongs

    profile string

    The device profile assigned to the device

    profile_type string

    The type of device profile, such as IoT or Non_IoT

    profile_vertical string

    The industry vertical for the profile such as Medical, IT Devices, and Office

    ip_address string

    The IP address of a device

    mac_address string

    The MAC address of a device

    risk_score integer

    The risk score of a device

    risk_level string

    The risk level of a device. There are four: low, medium, high, and critical

    last_activity date-time

    A UTC timestamp for the last detected device activity

    confidence_score string

    The confidence score for device classification

    subnet string

    The subnet to which the device is attached

    number_of_critical_alerts integer

    The number of critical alerts for the device

    number_of_warning_alerts integer

    The number of warning alerts for the device

    number_of_caution_alerts integer

    The number of caution alerts for the device

    number_of_info_alerts integer

    The number of info alerts for the device

    tagIdList array

    A list of IDs for user- and system-defined tags assigned to a device

    allTags object[]

    An array of user-defined tags assigned to a device. Each item in the array consists of three attributes: tagType, tagValue, and tagId.

  • Array [
  • tagType string

    The key for a user-defined tag

    tagValue string

    The value of the tag key for a user-defined tag

    tagId string

    The ID of a user-defined tag

  • ]