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Bulk Device Updates - Custom Attribute



Update devices custom attributes values


Query Parameters

    customerid stringrequired

    The customer ID to which the API call is directed

    updateSource stringrequired

    Possible values: [customAttribute]

    The source of the device information: Custom Attribute


    devicelist object[]required

    Array of device custom attributes from users to update custom attribute values

  • Array [
  • deviceid string

    The device ID, which IoT Security uses to identify and track a device.

    tagType string

    The custom attribute name. The custom attribute should already exist in the IoT Security.

    tagValue string

    The value of the custom attribute.

  • ]


Successful Response

    api string

    The path used to call the IoT Security API: “device/bulkupdate”

    ver string

    The version of the IoT Security API: “v4.0”

    code string

    The code number indicating success: 1

    message string

    The message indicating success: “OK”

    updatedAttributesNum integer

    The number of attributes that IoT Security successfully updated

    errorCases Object

    The cases that are not valid to update custom attribute