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Get Alert or Vulnerability Capabilities

Listing the current IoT capabilities on alert and vulnerability

Query Parameters
  • customerid string required

    The customer ID to which the API call is directed

  • type string required

    Possible values: [alert, vulnerability, all]

    The type of IoT supported capabilities


Successful Response (We only show some important fields here.)

  • ver string required

    The API version

  • api string required

    The API path

  • total integer required

    The total number of capabilities

  • list object[] required

    An array of alert capabilities

  • Array [
  • name string

    The name of the alert/vulnerability

  • description string

    The descriptoin of this alert/vulnerability

  • source string

    The source of this alert/vulnerability

  • severity string

    The severity of this alert/vulnerability

  • type string

    The type of the alert/vulnerability

  • ]