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Resolve a Security Alert

Resolve a security alert.
Rate limiting: 60 times per minute

Query Parameters
    id string required

    The alert ID being resolved. To retrieve a list of security alerts, including their IDs, use Get Security Alerts

    customerid string required

    The customer ID to which the API call is directed

Request Body required
    reason string required

    The reason for resolving the alert. The following string cannot contain any special characters.

    reason_type array required

    Possible values: [Issue Mitigated, No Action Needed, VPN protected connections, Trusted remote destination, Normal behavior for this device, Normal behavior for all devices in the same IoT profile, Other]

    This is the type of reason for resolving the alert.

    resolved string required

    Declaration that the alert is resolved. The following string must be “yes”.


Successful Response

    api string

    The API path

    ver string

    API version