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Resolve a Security Alert

Resolve a security alert.
Rate limiting: 60 times per minute

Query Parameters
  • id string required

    The alert ID being resolved. To retrieve a list of security alerts, including their IDs, use Get Security Alerts

  • customerid string required

    The customer ID to which the API call is directed

Request Body required
  • reason string required

    The reason for resolving the alert. The following string cannot contain any special characters.

  • reason_type string required

    The reason for resolving the alert. It must be one of the following four text strings (excluding numbers): 1. No Action Needed 2. Issue Mitigated 3. Normal behavior for this device 4. Normal behavior for all devices in the same IoT profile

  • resolved string required

    Declaration that the alert is resolved. The following string must be “yes”.


Successful Response

  • api string

    The API path

  • ver string

    API version