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DNS Security Access Limits

The DNS Security API included with the DNS Security security subscription (currently in BETA) is throttled based on a quota system, whereby any given 24 hour period allows for a maximum of 10,000 and 500 requests, for /domain/info and /domain/history/traffic requests, respectively. Additionally, each DNS Security API request has have a batch limit of 20 entries per submission. This means your API usage count is incremented by one for every request made and decremented by one after a 24 hour cycle - in other words, the API does not have a hard reset time, but instead progressively regains capacity at the equivalent rate at which it was consumed.

For example, this means that if you make 500 concurrent requests for /domain/history/traffic at about 3:00 PM, your quota limits are reached and you will not be able to make additional requests until about 3:00 PM the following day, at which point your API quota window is reset.

If you exceed the usage limits, the API response returns the following code: 429, indicating that too many requests have been made. You can monitor your usage status by referring to the following header responses:

Header ResponseDescription
X-QUOTA-LIMIT-TOTALSpecifies the total number of requests available in a given in 24 hour period.
X-QUOTA-LIMIT-REMAININGIndicates the number of remaining requests in a 24 hour period, with the start point of that window being the query time. When the counter drops to 0, the API returns the following: HTTP StatusCode = 429.
X-QUOTA-LIMIT-RESETIndicates the Unix timestamp at which the current quota window resets. The quota is refreshed every 24 hours.