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Request Domain Category Change.



A POST request to submit change requests for domains with their new categories. Batch limit is 20 entries per request with a maximum of 10 request submissions per 24 hour period (for a total of 200 individual domain change requests).



    changeRequests object[]required

    Provide a list of domain change request with domains, categories, comments.

  • Array [
  • comment string

    Comment for change request review process.

    domain string

    Possible values: <= 253 characters

    The domain name

    suggestedCategory string

    Possible values: [malware, command-and-control, phishing, dynamic-dns, grayware, parked, proxy-avoidance-and-anonymizers, benign]

    Suggested new category for domain name. You must use one of the valid categories shown above.

  • ]
  • email string

    Provide an email to receive results of change requests. If none provided, email will assume value associated with DNS Security API key.

    test boolean

    Possible values: Value must match regular expression true | false

    When set to true, this bulk change request will be acknowledged by API, but not forwarded for review


200 Ok

Response Headers
  • X-Quota-Limit-Remaining integer

    The remaining number of quota in this window (per day). When it drops to 0, return HTTP StatusCode = 429

  • X-Quota-Limit-Reset integer

    The unix timestamp at which the current quota window resets. Quota is refreshed every day.

  • X-Quota-Limit-Total integer

    Total number of quota in this window (per day).

    message string
    success boolean