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Create a Doc, But Faster

If at any point you need a deeper explanation, see the docs above in the sidebar

  1. Make sure you have node, yarn, and git installed
  2. Fork the Repository
  3. git clone<your_username>/
  4.  cd
  5.  yarn
  6.  git checkout -b <feature-branch>
  7.  yarn start
  8. Create File
  touch docs/tutorials/
  1. Add frontmatter with unique id
id: new-doc-id
title: New Doc
sidebar_label: New Doc
  1. Add to sidebar it fits in
  cloud: [ // Add your new doc inside an existing sidebar
type: 'category',
label: 'Tutorials', // Category label
items: ['tutorials/api', 'tutorials/new-doc-id'], // Document ID (including relative path after docs)
  1.  yarn start //get live preview of site while editing
  2. Add markdown to file below frontmatter

  3.  git add .
  4.  git commit -m "commit message"
  5.  git push origin <feature-branch>
  6. The output of the git push will include "Create a pull request for 'new-contributing' on GitHub by visiting." Visit that link. It should look like:<username>/<feature-branch>
  1. Add details and click Create Pull Request
  2. Check out the deploy preview

Now that the pull request is open, we'll automatically generate a preview of the changes and post the URL to view them within the pull request.