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Publishing the Doc

Now that your doc is ready, it's time to submit it to be added to the site. There are some protections in place to make sure you can't break anything, so don't worry! If you have any questions about the git commands, check out Git Basics

  1. Make sure it builds
yarn build
  1. Stage the changes
git add .
git status

If any files you don't want to commit are listed in the output of git status, check them out

git checkout
  1. Add commit message
git commit -m "Adding a new tutorial on blank"
  1. Push to your Github Fork
git push origin <your-branch-name>
  1. Create a pull request
  • The output of the git push will include "Create a pull request for 'new-contributing' on GitHub by visiting." Visit that link. It should look like:<username>/<feature-branch>

If you don't have that link then:

  • Go to<your-username>/
  • In the top left corner under code where is says main select the branch you made
  • Just below that you'll see This branch is XX commits ahead of PaloAltoNetworks:main. Click the Contribute button next to it and then Open Pull Request
  • Open pull request from your <your-username>/<your-feature> to PaloAltoNetworks/main
  1. Check out the deploy preview

Now that the pull request is open, we'll automatically generate a preview of the changes and post the URL to view them within the pull request.