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GitHub & Development Environment


If you don't already have a Github account sign up here

1. Fork the repository:

Fork the Repository

"Forking" copies and links a repository to your personal GitHub account.

2. Clone the repository:

git clone

3. Change to the repo directory:


4. Install dependencies

yarn install
Getting an error while installing dependencies?

"Self-signed certificate in certificate chain" issues can be solved by running:

yarn config set strict-ssl false

GlobalProtect can sometimes prevent some packages from being installed. If you suspect this is happening, temporarily disable GP to complete the installation.

5. Create a feature branch

git checkout -b <branch-name>

Give your branch a descriptive name appropriate for the change you are making.

6. Start a local development server

yarn start

This command will start a local instance of the site availabe via http://localhost:3000. It will update on most saved changes, if it doesn't update hit CTRL+c and run again.

Now that you have the local website up and running, we'll start to author the doc