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Adding the Doc

Contributing a doc

Contributing a new document can be achieved with the following, high-level flow:

  1. Create a new Markdown e.g. in the appropriate directory under the docs directory (or create a new directory)
  2. Add the frontmatter (including the unique ID)
  3. Add the document ID to an existing or new sidebar/sidebar category
  4. Add the content


Each doc requires a frontmatter header at the top of the doc


id: your-doc-id
title: My Awesome Tutorial
sidebar_label: My Awesome Tutorial
description: A really cool tutorial about something awesome!
- awesome
- tutorial

If you're not sure where to begin, feel free to use an existing doc as boilerplate. Just remember that each document requires a unique ID.

The sidebar is generated from the sidebars.js file located in the root folder. Add your docs id along with path relative to the docs folder to the appropriate sidebar items.

module.exports = {
cloud: [
// Add your new doc inside an existing sidebar
type: "category",
label: "Tutorials", // Category label
items: ["tutorials/new-doc-id", "tutorials/your-doc-id"], // Document ID (including relative path after docs)

Now you should see your doc in the sidebar in your browser (run yarn start if you aren't already). Next we'll see what you can do with Markdown