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Update Users



x-prisma-cloud-target-env: {"permission":"userManagement","saas":false,"self-hosted":true}
x-public: true

Updates an existing user in the system.

To invoke this endpoint in the Console UI:

  1. Navigate to Manage > Authentication > Users.
  2. In a table row, click the Actions button for the user to update.
  3. Click the Manage button and update the user's parameters.
  4. Click the Save button to save the updated user.

cURL Request

The following example command changes the role of a user to auditor.

In general, you should get the user object from GET /api/v<VERSION>/users and resubmit all key-value pairs, changing just the values that need updating. If key-values are left unspecified, their default values will override any current values (note the exception below). For example, if permissions.collections specified a collection named finance-app, but the submitted request omitted permissions.collections, its value would be reset to All.

For "local" users, where authType is set to basic: if a password isn't specified, it's left as-is. For any other authType, passwords are managed by the identity provider (IdP), and aren't specified in the request body.

$ curl 'https://<CONSOLE>/api/v<VERSION>/users' \
-k \
-X PUT \
-u <USER> \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-d \

Note: No response will be returned upon successful execution.



    authType api.AuthType (string)

    Possible values: [saml,ldap,basic,oauth,oidc]

    AuthType is the user authentication type

    lastModified date-time

    Datetime when the user was created or last modified.

    password string

    Password for authentication.

    permissions object[]

    Permissions is a list of permissions

  • Array [
  • collections string (string)[]

    List of collections the user can access.

    project string

    Names of projects which the user can access.

  • ]
  • role string

    User role.

    username string

    Username for authentication.