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Get Discovered VMs



x-prisma-cloud-target-env: {"permission":"monitorCloud","saas":true,"self-hosted":true}
x-public: true

Returns the discovered cloud VM instances.

cURL Request

Refer to the following example cURL command that retrieves all the discovered cloud VM instances:

$ curl -k \
-u <USER> \
-H 'Content-Type: application/json' \
-X GET \


Query Parameters

    offset integer

    Offsets the result to a specific report count. Offset starts from 0.

    limit integer

    Limit is the amount to fix.

    sort string

    Sorts the result using a key.

    reverse boolean

    Sorts the result in reverse order.

    provider string[]

    Provider is the provider filter.

    region string[]

    Region is the region filter.

    hasDefender boolean

    HasDefender indicates only VMs with or without a defender should return.


  • Array [
  • _id string

    ID is the instance id. E.g. "i-5cd23551".

    accountID string

    AccountID is the cloud provider account ID.

    architecture string

    Architecture is the architecture of the image.

    arn string

    The Amazon Resource Name (ARN) assigned to the instance.

    awsSubnetID string

    AWSSubnetID is the ID of the subnet associated with the VM (AWS only).

    awsVPCID string

    AWSVPCID is the ID of the VPC associated with the VM (AWS only).

    cluster string

    Cluster is the cluster name that is associated with the vm.

    collections string (string)[]

    Collections is a list of the matched collections.

    createdAt date-time

    CreatedAt is the time when the instance was launched.

    fqdn string

    FQDN is the host's fully qualified domain name . E.g. "".

    hasDefender boolean

    HasDefender indicates that the instance has a defender installed on it.

    hostname string

    Hostname is the hostname. E.g. "ip-192-0-2-0" or "custom".

    imageID string

    ImageID is the ID of the AMI used to launch the instance. E.g. "ami-35501205".

    imageName string

    ImageName is the name of the AMI used to launch the instance.

    name string

    Name is the instance name.

    os string

    OS is the Operating System installed on the instance.

    osInfo object

    OSDistroInfo represents information regarding the OS distribution

    distro string

    Distro is the OS distro name (e.g. ubuntu).

    distroRelease string

    DistroRelease is the OS distro release (e.g. willy).

    fullName string

    FullName is the full name of the distro (e.g. Ubuntu 19.10).

    version string

    Version is the OS release numeric version (e.g. 19.10).

    provider common.CloudProvider (string)

    Possible values: [aws,azure,gcp,alibaba,oci,others]

    CloudProvider specifies the cloud provider name

    region string

    Region is the region the VM is located at.

    tags object[]

    Tags are the tags of the VM instance.

  • Array [
  • key string

    Label key.

    sourceName string

    Source name (e.g., for a namespace, the source name can be 'twistlock').

    sourceType common.ExternalLabelSourceType (string)

    Possible values: [namespace,deployment,aws,azure,gcp,oci]

    ExternalLabelSourceType indicates the source of the labels

    timestamp date-time

    Time when the label was fetched.

    value string

    Value of the label.

  • ]
  • timestamp date-time

    Timestamp is the time in which the instance info was fetched.

  • ]