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Update a PrefixList

Update the prefix list associated with a rulestack.

Path Parameters
  • rulestackname string required

    The name of the rulestack.

  • name string required

    The name of the prefix list.

Request Body
  • AuditComment Auditcomment

    Possible values: <= 512 characters

    The prefix list audit remarks.

  • Description Description

    Possible values: <= 512 characters

    A description of the prefix list.

  • PrefixList string[] required

    The prefix list details.

  • UpdateToken Updatetoken

    Refresh token.



  • Response object

    The API call response.

  • Name Name

    Name of the prefix list.

  • PrefixListEntry object

    The prefix list entry.

  • AuditComment Auditcomment

    Audit remarks.

  • Description Description

    The prefix list description.

  • PrefixList string[] required

    Prefix list.

  • UpdateToken Updatetoken

    Default value: 1

    Refresh token.

  • RuleStackName Rulestackname

    Name of the rulestack.

  • ResponseStatus object

    The API call response status.

  • ErrorCode Errorcode

    Default value: 0

    Default value of a successful response is 0. Any other number indicates an error code.

    400—HTTP bad request

    • InvalidRequestException—Operation failed due to invalid request. For example, unsupported parameter name or value in the request.
    • LimitExceededException—Operation failed due to violation in limit settings.
    • ResourceNotFoundException—Unable to locate a resource using the parameters you provided.
    • ThrottlingException—Operation failed due to throttling limitations.
    • AccessDeniedException—You do not have sufficient access to perform this action.

    500—Bad request

    • InternalServerError—Your request is valid but Cloud NGFW could not perform the operation due to a system issue.
    • InsufficientCapacityException—AWS currently does not have enough capacity to fulfill your request.
  • Reason Reason

    The error description.