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Read logprofile config of a firewall



Return the logging configuration information of a specified NGFW.


Path Parameters

    ngfirewallname stringrequired

    The name of the NGFW.


    AccountId Accountidrequired

    The unique ID of the account.



    Response object
    AccountId Accountid

    The unique ID of the account.

    CloudWatchMetricNamespace Cloudwatchmetricnamespace

    The CloudWatch metrics container.

    FirewallName Firewallname

    Name of the NGFW.

    LogDestinationConfigs object[]

    Logging configuration of the NGFW.

  • Array [
  • LogDestination Logdestinationrequired

    The log destination details. Valid values are names of:

    • CloudWatch log group—LogDestination:panw-log-group
    • Kinesis Data Firehose delivery stream—LogDestination:panw-delivery-stream
    • Amazon S3 bucket—LogDestination:PANW-BUCKET
    LogDestinationType Logdestinationtyperequired

    Specifies the type of log destination. The valid values are S3, CloudWatchLogs, KinesisDataFirehose.

    LogType Logtyperequired

    Specifies the type of logs. The valid values are TRAFFIC, THREAT, DESCRYPTION.

  • ]
  • ResponseStatus object
    ErrorCode Errorcode

    Default value of a successful response is 0. Any other number indicates an error code.

    Reason Reason

    The error description.