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Authenticate CDSS APIs

Palo Alto Networks security subscription APIs use an API key generated on the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal to authenticate API queries and ensure that only valid users can access the CDSS data services. This API key is tied to your license and is used to enforce usage limits and endpoint accessibility — API key retrieval and management is performed entirely through the Customer Service Portal. It is important that you do not share or distribute your API key credentials unnecessarily, as they can result in compromised data, account, and application information. By default, the Customer Support Portal periodically synchronizes the API key with the expiration date of your license. As such, the expiration date of the API key is the same date as that of the latest subscription in your support account. If you renew your current subscriptions, you may need to reset the expiration date of the API key, by either regenerating a key or by contacting Palo Alto Networks support for assistance with extending the term of your existing API key.

  • The Threat Vault API key is displayed in the Palo Alto Networks Customer Support Portal provides functionality for both Threat Prevention and Advanced Threat Prevention subscription holders, but with different API access levels.
  • The DNS Security API is currently in BETA. :::

To retrieve your security subscription API key:

  1. Log in to the Palo Alto Networks Customer Service Portal with an account that has Super User privileges.

  2. Select Assets and then API Key Management.

  3. From the Select an API key drop down and then select the relevant API key.

    The following CDSS API keys are currently available: Threat Vault API and DNS API

  4. Click Enable to view your API key and copy it for use. After you generate an API key, the API key is enabled until you disable or regenerate the key.