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Get all syslog profiles



Retrieve information about all existing syslog profiles, including their profile IDs.


Query Parameters

    status ProfileStatus[]

    Possible values: [pending, inactive, active]

    The status of the profiles to be returned.

    resultSize integer

    Default value: 100

    The maximum number of profiles to be returned.


Request successfully processed

  • Array [
  • destination objectrequired

    Profile name, output, and syslog receiver information.

    displayName stringrequired

    Name of the profile.

    facility stringrequired
    notification string

    An email address to receive updates about log transmission.

    outputDelimiter stringrequired

    Character that separates log fields. Based on log format.

    outputFormat stringrequired

    Possible values: [CSV, LEEF, CEF]

    The format in which to send logs.

    port integerrequired

    Possible values: <= 65535

    The port on which to send logs.

    profileToken string

    A token used to uniquely identify your logs to a cloud-based syslog service.

    server stringrequired

    IP address or FQDN of your syslog server.

    logtypes object[]required
  • Array [
  • allColumns boolean

    True sends all log fields. False sends a subset of log fields.

    excludedColumns string[]

    The specific log fields you do not want to send. Does nothing if the same field is present in includedColumns.

    filter string

    The filter query used to send a subset of logs.

    includedColumns string[]

    The specific log fields you want to send. Does nothing if allColumns is True.

    logtype string

    The log type that you want to send.

  • ]
  • profileId stringrequired
    status ProfileStatus (string)required

    Possible values: [pending, inactive, active]

    Profile status

  • ]