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Ansible and PAN-OS

You can configure and operate PAN-OS with Ansible, including defining and managing your configuration as code, and automating your operations. The collection of modules created by Palo Alto Networks works either directly with next-generation firewalls (NGFW), or via Panorama. Why is this useful and important?

Why Automate

Automating within IT allows you to perform operations faster, with more agility. It can also reduce operational cost and complexity. Specifically related to security in IT, automation also allows you to deploy consistent and comprehensive protection.

Why Ansible

Ansible is a well-known and commonly deployed product for performing automated operations. It has both free and open-source components, as well as commercial offerings. Its heritage is in configuration management, but Ansible can be used for many automation use cases, including infrastructure-as-code and policy-as-code.

Ansible and Terraform

Terraform and Ansible are often mentioned in the same context. They are two of the most common products used for automated operations, infrastructure-as-code and policy-as-code. Ansible's heritage is more in configuration management tasks, and Terraform's heritage is more in cloud infrastructure deployment tasks. However, both could be use for either type of task, and many more tasks as well. The most notable differences when using these products are:

  • Terraform entirely depends upon its state in order to calculate and execute operations, where Ansible runs tasks without a widespread state reconciliation
  • Ansible performs tasks in the order described in the playbook, and Terraform performs tasks as computed through the dependency graph it calculates

However, both are capable of operating idempotently, and both are capable of automating IT operations.