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Get Started with Prisma Access Insights 2.0 API

Palo Alto Networks® Prisma Access Insights APIs allows you to continuously monitor the health and performance of your Prisma Access environment using Insights in the Prisma Access app.

This document provides information about getting started with Prisma Access Insights 2.0 APIs. The 2.0 APIs are intended for cloud-managed Prisma Access customers, where the tenants have been onboarded by Palo Alto Networks using a Tenant Service Group (TSG) identifier. To see whether your tenant uses TSG IDs, go to the Prisma Access Hub, click on the Prisma Access Insights application name, and look in the Manage Apps section.

API Request Overview

The Prisma Access Insights APIs allow you to retrieve selected information from the Prisma Access Insights platform. All Prisma Access 2.0 API requests must use HTTPS, and they must use HTTP/1.1. They also must use an access token. To obtain an access token, you use the same process as the other SASE APIs. That is, you must have a TSG and a service account that has role access to your Prisma Access Insights instance. To understand this process, see Prisma SASE API Get Started.

Base URLs

While you use Prisma SASE to obtain an access token for use with your Prisma Access 2.0 APIs, you do not use the same FQDN as do the other Prisma SASE APIs.

All requests go to the same base URL:


where <region> identifies your tenant's Cortex Data Lake (CDL) region. Available regions are:


You chose your region when you initially configured your Prisma Access Insights instance.


The full URL for an API request includes the base URL, plus the API URI described in the API reference documentation. For example, a customer using the US region can query for external alerts using:

Sample: API Request

Note You must provide the TSG_ID that you specified for the scope of your access token in the API call using the Prisma-Tenant custom HTTP header.

Note The Bearer keyword must be present before the auth token itself.

echo " "
# Replace
# <TENANT_REGION_API_SERVER> - Tenant's Prisma Access Region FQDN
# <JWT_TOKEN_BASE64_ENCODED> - JWT Token from the previous script
# <TSG_ID> - Tenant Service Group ID used for the scope when you obtained your access token.
curl -o --location "https://<TENANT_REGION_API_SERVER>/api/sase/v2.0/resource/query/prisma_sase_external_alerts_current" \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <JWT_TOKEN_BASE64_ENCODED>" \
-H "Prisma-Tenant <TSG_ID>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json"