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Version: 2.0

ZTNA Connector APIs

This Open API spec file represents the APIs available for the ZTNA Connector APIs.

For general information about ZTNA Connector, see the Prisma Access Administration guide.

To use ZTNA Connector, you must first enable it in Prisma Access. You can use /sse/connector/v2.0/api/tenant:start-onboarding to do this using the API. If /sse/connector/v2.0/api/license returns 424 then you have not enabled ZTNA Connector.

For a workflow description on configuring ZTNA Connector, see Configure ZTNA Connector in the Prisma Access Administration guide.

These APIs use the common SASE authentication mechanism and base URL. See the Prisma SASE API Get Started guide for more information.

This Open API spec file was created on May 15, 2023.

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