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Get all connectors



Get a list of all ZTNA connectors running in your data centers. ZTNA connectors are VMs that are used to connect private apps to Prisma Access.


Query Parameters

    offset number

    0-based offset into the list, starting entity for pagination

    limit number

    How many records to get



    limit numberrequired

    The offset that points to the beginning of the next page. May be same as total.

    offset numberrequired

    Starting entity for Pagination (0-based. i.e. first entity starts at 0)

    total numberrequired

    Total number of entries available

    data object[]required
  • Array [
  • description string
    group stringrequired

    Oid of connector group

    name stringrequired
    oid stringrequired
    block_id number
    cgnx_element_id string
    cgnx_element_serial_no string
    cgnx_fabric_route_id string
    cgnx_internet_circuit_id string
    cgnx_ipsec_intf_id string
    cgnx_ipsec_profile string
    cgnx_lan_intf_id string
    cgnx_machine_id string
    cgnx_nat_policyset string
    cgnx_nat_setstack string
    cgnx_nat_zone string
    cgnx_site_id string
    cgnx_snat_rule string
    cgnx_sw_version string
    cgnx_tenant_id string
    cgnx_vion_ip string
    cgnx_wan_intf_id string
    cidr string
    error object
    fabric_address_cidr string
    is_autoscaled boolean
    latitude string
    local_ip string
    longitude string
    peer_id string
    pool_id number
    psk string
    sc_id string

    Service Connection ID

    scaled_down_time string
    site string
    state number
    state_bits number
    tenant_id string
    token_active string
    token_secret string
    tun_mon_ip string
    created_time string
    updated_time string
  • ]