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Get all applications



Get all private applications that your ZTNA connector onboards to Prisma Access.


Query Parameters

    offset number

    0-based offset into the list, starting entity for pagination

    limit number

    How many records to get



    limit numberrequired

    The offset that points to the beginning of the next page. May be same as total.

    offset numberrequired

    Starting entity for Pagination (0-based. i.e. first entity starts at 0)

    total numberrequired

    Total number of entries available

    data object[]required
  • Array [
  • app_enabled booleanrequired
    description string
    group stringrequired

    Connector Group ID

    name stringrequired
    oid stringrequired

    Application ID

    spec object[]
  • Array [
  • fqdn stringrequired
    port numberrequired
    protocol stringrequired

    Possible values: [tcp, udp]

    ("tcp" or "udp")

    path string
  • ]
  • error string
    state number
    state_bits number
    created_time string
    updated_time string
  • ]