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Edit an Anti-spyware signature

Modify an Anti-spyware signature.

Path Parameters
    id string required

    The resource's unique identifier.

Request Body

The Anti-spyware signature you want to edit

    bugtraq string[]
    comment string

    Possible values: <= 256 characters

    cve string[]
    default_action object

    allow object
    direction string

    Possible values: [client2server, server2client, both]

    reference string[]
    severity string

    Possible values: [critical, low, high, medium, informational]

    signature object

    combination object
    and_condition object[]
  • Array [
  • name string
    or_condition object[]
  • Array [
  • name string
    threat_id string
  • ]
  • ]
  • order_free boolean

    Default value: false

    time_attribute object
    interval integer

    Possible values: >= 1 and <= 3600

    threshold integer

    Possible values: >= 1 and <= 255

    track_by string

    Possible values: [source-and-destination, source, destination]

    threat_id integer required

    Possible values: >= 15000 and <= 70000000

    threat id range <15000-18000> and <6900001-7000000>

    threatname string required

    Possible values: <= 1024 characters

    vendor string[]