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Create a URL access profile



Create a URL access profile.


Query Parameters

    folder stringrequired

    Possible values: Value must match regular expression ^[0-9a-zA-Z._-\s]{1,}$, [Shared, Mobile Users, Remote Networks, Service Connections, Mobile Users Container, Mobile Users Explicit Proxy]

    The folder on which you want to perform this operation.


The URL Access Profile you want to create

    alert string[]
    allow string[]
    block string[]
    cloud_inline_cat boolean
    continue string[]
    credential_enforcement object
    alert string[]
    allow string[]
    block string[]
    continue string[]
    log_severity string

    Default value: medium

    mode object
    disabled object
    domain_credentials object
    group_mapping string
    ip_user object
    description string

    Possible values: <= 255 characters

    local_inline_cat boolean
    log_container_page_only boolean

    Default value: true

    log_http_hdr_referer boolean

    Default value: false

    log_http_hdr_user_agent boolean

    Default value: false

    log_http_hdr_xff boolean

    Default value: false

    mlav_category_exception string[]
    name stringrequired
    safe_search_enforcement boolean

    Default value: false