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Get a tag by ID

Get a tag by ID.

Path Parameters
  • id string required

    The resource's unique identifier.


Get the tag by id.

  • Array [
  • color string

    Possible values: [Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Copper, Orange, Purple, Gray, Light Green, Cyan, Light Gray, Blue Gray, Lime, Black, Gold, Brown, Olive, Maroon, Red-Orange, Yellow-Orange, Forest Green, Turquoise Blue, Azure Blue, Cerulean Blue, Midnight Blue, Medium Blue, Cobalt Blue, Violet Blue, Blue Violet, Medium Violet, Medium Rose, Lavender, Orchid, Thistle, Peach, Salmon, Magenta, Red Violet, Mahogany, Burnt Sienna, Chestnut]

  • comments string

    Possible values: <= 1023 characters

  • id string

    uuid of the resource

  • name string required

    Possible values: <= 127 characters

  • ]